Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ashok Sinha: Peru

Image Copyright © Ashok Sinha-All Rights Reserved

For a change in pace from yesterday's post: Ashok Sinha is an emerging travel photographer who was born in Calcutta and is now based in New York City. He works primarily on travel/tourism related assignments, and has traveled around the world on such assignments. Most of his portfolio on his website is of intensely colorful photographs of Mexico, Peru and India.

Ashok's photographs have a commerical slant to them, and I expect that they are generally aimed at travel and tourism clients, magazines and brochures. For instance, the one above of the Peruvian woman walking on a cobblestoned street is compositionally ready for a double page spread in a travel magazine...with the title of the feature printed on its right hand side. His website has other examples of this type of composition...especially those of India.

Ashok Sinha .

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