Thursday, August 16, 2007

NY Times: Tibetan Festivals & Protests

Image Copyright © Ariana Lindquist/The New York Times-All Rights Reserved

Here's a slideshow from the New York Times titled "Summer Festivals, Quiet Protests" which features the photography of Ariana Lindquist. The coverage is of the the season of Tibetan festivals, when people throughout western China, just north of the Tibetan border, gather to celebrate old traditions, but also grab the occasion to protest the sinofication of their nation.

I think this slidesshow falls way short of the mark. Firstly, the choice of photographs is uninspired, as I'm quite certain that Lindquist must've photographed the Khampa festival with all its phenomenal visual pageantry. Secondly, the absence of ambient sound and narration to this slideshow is a shame, because it would've added another dimension to the topic. Adding narration and/or some form of aural dimension to such a weak slideshow would save it. I don't know if it's the fault of the photographer (I suspect it isn't), of the producer or of the editor.

The New York Times' Summer Festivals, Quiet Protests. Registration may be required.

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