Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Annie Tritt: Jerusalem

Image Copyright © Annie Tritt-All Rights Reserved

Annie Tritt's biography is unfortunately sparse, and despite my efforts to find some more background on her or her work, all I have is that she was a dancer and a high school teacher before becoming a photojournalist, and focusing on social issues. That's all.

One can describe her work as hard hitting, but I found it to be sensitive with a documentary edge to it. I chose her gallery Easter in Jerusalem to showcase her undeniable talents...especially since most of her photograph in that gallery is of Ethiopian Falashas celebrating Easter in Jerusalem. I particularly liked this photograph...with its motion blur.

The Falasha are Jews of Ethiopian origin, and under the provisions of Israel's Law of Return (1950), over 90,000 (over 85%) have emigrated to Israel, most notably during Operation Moses (1984) and Operation Solomon (1991).

There are many wonderful photographs on Tritt's website, but you can start your viewing by clicking on her Easter in Jerusalem gallery.

Annie Tritt.

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