Monday, August 6, 2007

Leica M8: Review

Digital Photography Review's website has just reviewed the Leica M8, the new rangefinder digital camera which has the classic design, build and function of the M series but utilizes a completely digital imaging system.

I really liked Phil Askey's well thought out last sentences of the review in which he writes: "I have to admit that I've been turned, from a skeptic to a believer, certainly the M8 isn't a camera everyone is going to afford, but a rangefinder is certainly something any 'serious' photographer should try at some point in their life. It's changed the way I shoot, I've found myself going back to manual focus more even when I use DSLR's and being more selective about lenses and depth of field, and more creative in my framing. My advice on the M8 would be, if you can afford to then get one, be aware of its limitations, shoot RAW and rediscover 'capturing moments'.This is the kind of review that I find useful...yes, a lot of the review has technical data and statistical information, but it's these last sentences that gave me the real 'feel' for what he wants his readers to know.

DP Review's Leica M8

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