Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jeffrey A. Davis: Lumen Production

Photograph © Jeffrey A. Davis -All Rights Reserved

Jeff Davis works through the Lumen Production Company as documentary photographer, filmmaker, producer and advocate. His imagery has appeared in newspapers, magazines, websites, calendars, museums, festivals and galleries. He also works as executive producer for "Art Wolfe's Travels To The Edge", a 26-part TV series for Public Television. He works with Phil Borges' Bridges To Understanding project, and The Tibetan Nun Project, among other worthwhile endeavors and ventures.

Out of his many projects and galleries which are all terrific, I liked Path of Promise best, as it involves photographs of Tibetan nuns as they live and worship at various nunneries in Dharmasala, India. While participating myself in Phil Borges' Bridges To Understanding program in Dharmasala in 2005, I visited one of these nunneries, and was struck by the nuns' dedication and hospitality.

Here's Jeff Davis' Lumen Production

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