Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BlackRapid R Straps

Over at David DuChemin's excellent Pixelated Image blog, there's an interesting review of BlackRapid R Straps. These are innovative camera straps which are adjustable, and that are worn diagonally across the torso from shoulder to hip.

A locking fastener connects the strap to the tripod socket on either the camera body or the lens. The camera then hangs upside down, "resting securely at your side or in the small of your back, with the lens pointing behind you".

It appears that David -like me- hates straps in general, but found the BlackRapid R Straps to be ideal for his style of shooting. Since I also shoot the same way, and my Op-Tech straps are getting grungy, I resolved that one of these straps would be on my Xmas gift list. I don't believe in Santa, so I'll write it in myself and just get it. I'll then test it and post a review as well, although I'm quite sure that my experience will be similar to David's.

Doing some research on the BlackRapid R Straps, I found that an enterprising soul had "borrowed" its concept and rigged up a DIY version of a "strap" with a fastener. Naturally, if your camera is expendable, go right ahead and follow his lead. If you value your camera, and want an innovative but safe strapping system, then check out the R Straps.

By the way, I had a Canon Mark II strapped over my shoulder as I entered Angkor Wat a couple of years ago...and it suddenly slipped off my shoulder and landed on the stone floor with a resounding thud. The camera was not damaged at all, but it was a heart-stopping incident...so make sure that your camera straps are sturdy and well constructed!

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