Saturday, April 26, 2008

Canon USA Jacks Up Prices

Canon USA is informing its US dealers that they should expect price increases on a broad range of its camera gear. Starting May 1, 2008, US dealers will pay 3-5% more to Canon for most Canon EF lenses and all Canon EOS accessories . The dealer net on Canon digital SLRs is unchanged.

I presume that these price increases will not retroactively be applied on available inventory, but for illustration purposes, the increase would cause a price jump in the range of $66 to $110 in the $2200 price of a Canon 5D. Is this why it's out of stock at two of the largest New York retailers?

The reason given for the price increase is that Canon is "not immune to the rising fuel prices or unfavorable exchange rates..."

A previous post on TTP addressed this issue here

(Via Rob Galbraith)

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