Monday, April 21, 2008

Albertina D'Urso: Laos, Along The Mekong

Photograph © Albertina d'Urso-All Rights Reserved

Albertina d'Urso is an Italian documentary photographer. She published two books, "Bombay Slum" and "Lifezoom", and two collections "Respiro del Mondo 5, Afghanistan" and "Km 5072, Milano-Kabul No Stop," which received the Canon Young Photographers Award in 2007.

She traveled to over 70 countries and has a special interest in Tibetan culture. She has been photographing Tibetan refugees around the world since 2004. While her work on Tibetan refugees is certainly topical at a time when world's attention is on China and its treatment of Tibet, I chose her photo gallery titled "Laos: Along the Mekong" to highlight on the pages of TTP.

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