Sunday, January 28, 2007

Geotagging, Whatsit?

I've read the term 'geotagging' recently, and thought it may be worthwhile to write about it here. Geotagging is essentially posting images on the web (either on one's own website, blog, or on photo-sharing web sites such as Flickr) that are linked to web-based maps. The geotagging would show on these maps where the images had been made.

So had I geotagged my images while in Bhutan a few weeks ago, I would have been able to see on a web-based map (such as Yahoo maps or Google maps) whereever I pressed the shutter on my camera!

All digital cameras generate a considerable amount of information and data along with the images, known as EXIF. Geotagging would add location coordinates to the information, and would link the images to specific locations on maps. The concept is still in its infancy, and while users of Flickr and other photo-sharing sites can geotag their images now, it is still uncommon. However, manufacturers are coming to realize that geotagging would be an interesting option to their cameras, and are slowly adding GPS-like systems to their products.

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