Sunday, January 28, 2007

Camera Bags: The Holy Grail?

Photographers are buzzing about a new rolling carry-on backpack sold by Think Tank, which is said to allow us to legally store our camera bodies, lenses, and accessories in overhead bins or under the seats of international carriers and smaller regional commuter aircraft. At $320, the Airport International (see picture) ought to be really good!

Depending on my destination and the kind of photo gear I'll need, I use the backpack Lowepro CompuTrekker AW or the shoulderbag Stealth Reporter D650 AW. I've tried the much lauded Billingham bags, which are made in the UK but found the fabric/canvas to be too rigid. The choice of any camera bag is a personal one, and is based on invariably costly trials and errors. I've spent many hours discussing the merits of one versus the other...and concluded that there will never be an ideal camera bag, and it's all a conspiracy to make us spend our money.

Think Tank's Airport International

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