Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FinePix X100 Shutter Demo & Pre-Order Price

The FinePix X100 with its cool retro look from Fuji is listed for pre-order from Adorama for the higher than expected price of $1,199. And according to BJP, Fujifilm has said that the camera will be on show at the Focus On Imaging in Edinburgh from March 6, thus allowing UK photographers to get their hands on the new model, ahead of its expected launch. It's expected that that the UK price will be  up to £1200 in the UK. No shipping date has been announced.

As per PetaPixel's post, Fuji also released the above video showing the camera’s aperture and shutter systems in action. The aperture looks quite round at all f-stops, which should lead to some pretty nice looking bokeh.

I sense the price point for the FinePix X100 is at least $200 too high, and that it ought to have been just under the $1000 mark. Although this camera is exciting, I shall wait for a few months to decide and have others more courageous than I am be the guinea pigs.

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