Monday, July 13, 2009

Felice Willat: Gnawa Photo~Expedition

Photo © Felice Willat -All Rights Reserved

Photo © Felice Willat -All Rights Reserved

Photo © Felice Willat-All Rights Reserved

I organized the Gnawa (or Ganoua) Photo Expedition in late June, which was joined by a number of talented full-time and part time photographers, whose principal objective was to photograph the legendary Gnawa musicians during the 12th Essaouira Music Festival.

This is the third of a series of posts which showcase a sample of the participating photographers' work, and is by Felice Willat, founder and president of Tools With Heart, a company that develops products to enhance personal discovery and well being. A successful entrepreneur, it's clear that her photography is influenced by her background in network television production.

As obvious from her website (link follows), Felice's photographic style is more artistic than documentary, and she is happy to march to the beat of her own drum. My favorite from those I've chosen for this post is the one showing the exuberant embrace of the Gnawa musicians. Her photographic vision of Morocco can be seen in its totality on her website, along with her many other portfolios.

I've featured Felice's work on a number of occasions on this blog; once on the occasion of her new book The Spirit of Burma, and earlier on, when she returned with photographs of Burma.

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